adding some pinkish purple to ma blue hair

my parents have been giving me lunch money for next week and last week and im not even buying stuff but keeping the money and telling them im buying stuff… seriously i have a good deal of money now because they give me money to do stuff or money for when i hang out and guh i have a good amount of money

im 16 go me

changin  up the ol fursona design. no hair. just a flat cirlce of felt where the rest of a head/hair would be. perf.

okay im going to draw my dreams tomorrow (idea i got from monkeybone) because i have super vivid dreams, want to get better at drawing, and write down all of my dreams so yay, but until then… goodnight.

im in a really weird mood and someone should talk to me pls or not idk

My new hair color!

My new hair color!

My hair is like a teal awesome blue green awesomeness… pictures soon to come!!!

i feel pretty alright to maybe even awesome because i did all of my ap work on time and i did every single one wow i thought i might not have been able to do it and im getting a haircut tomorrow (color and cut) which yesssss and now eihakufhkhf everythings looking up


In and Out is an awesome movie that you can watch on Netflix. It is hilarious. I recommend it. So. Yeah.


im cute af if you dont like me thats your fault

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